Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Owners have the power to amend rules about pets

Published in TheStar.com/Life/Homes
By: Gerry Hyman Condo Law Columnist, Published on Fri Mar 27 2015

Once a condo owners' meeting is called, rules can be amended by a simple majority vote in favour of the amendment.

Our condominium has a rule limiting pets to one dog in a unit. What steps can I take to change the rule to two dogs? 

The Condominium Act says that rules are passed by the board. It also states, however, that rules may be amended by the owners at an owners’ meeting called for that purpose. Fifteen per cent of the owners could sign and submit a requisition for a vote to amend the rule. The board must call and hold the meeting within 35 days of receiving the requisition.

If the board doesn’t do so, a requisitionist may call the meeting to be held within 45 days of it being called. The rule may be amended by a simple majority vote in favour of the amendment by those attending the meeting in person or by proxy.

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