Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Do you clean your dryer vent regularly?

Are clogged clothes dryer vents a fire hazard?

Canada Mortgage and Housing Corp (CMHC) says dyer lint can accumulate in many places including at the outdoor hood bird screen, along the length of the duct, at the duct fittings and at the dryer lint screen.

The risk of dryer vent fires can be limited by ensuring that the dryer vent length to the outside (including allowances for elbows, transitions and outdoor hood assemblies) does not exceed the dryer manufacturer's recommendations. If so, it may be at risk to blockage and fire. If it does exceed the recommended length, it may be necessary to install a dryer vent system booster fan. 

Regular inspection and cleaning of dryer lint screens, and the dryer duct and outdoor hood bird screen will also prevent lint build up and will keep the dryer running as effectively and efficiently as possible.

It is possible to detect dryer vent problems before they become fire hazards. Increased clothes drying times and frequent clothes dryer deactivation during duty cycles (due to the tripping of the high temperature limit switch), heat and humidity build-up in the area around the dryer are the key indicators of dryer venting problems.

Signs that a dryer vent may be clogged:
  • Clothing may be unusually hot after a drying cycle.
  • Clothing may not be completely dry after a normal drying cycle.
  • Clothing may have a musty smell following the drying cycle.
  • The high temperature heat limit switch may deactivate the dryer if it gets too hot.
You should inspect and clean your dryer lint regularly. There are professional cleaning companies that can do a thorough job. Cleaning the vent also makes the dryer work more efficiently.

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