Friday, September 2, 2016

Condo owners battle rental companies for board control

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By Simon Nakonechny, CBC News Posted: Sep 01, 2016 5:00 AM ET Last Updated: Sep 01, 2016 7:03 PM ET

Toronto residents say directors were ignoring rules against short-term rentals

A group of Toronto residents and owners took back control of their condo building this week from short-term rental companies they say had stacked the board of directors against them, and were allowing the building to be run like a hotel.
The group involved in the meeting Tuesday night also has a message to dwellers of other condos: Be prepared, because your building could be next.
Owners of units in a downtown building near Wellington Street West and John Street — a bustling tourist area near the Rogers Centre and Toronto International Film Festival venues — were relieved as they celebrated the end of what they described as a two-year ordeal.
"Of course everybody's happy," said Igor Gurgs, who owns a suite that he rents to a long-term tenant. "We were applauding. People were drinking champagne."
The group says short-term rental companies, notably WhiteHall Suites and Red Maple Suites, are doing business in their building — in clear violation of the condo rules that state the shortest rental period is one year. While some buildings in the area are joint hotel-condo complexes, this building was never registered that way.

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