Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Board given a bumpy ride over bicycle storage: Condo Law

By GERRY HYMAN Condo Law Columnist
Sat., Dec. 10, 2016

Owners must have a say in bike shed, but insisting on storing snow tires goes too far.

A condominium corporation has the right to alter or improve common elements, such as a bicycle shed, without giving notice to the condo owners if the cost of the project is less than $1,000. (DREAMSTIME)

I am the president of our condominium corporation where a bicycle shed is now needed to store a riding lawnmower. The current board had a new shed built for bike storage to support the existing ban on keeping bicycles on common-element balconies and also because bicycles become damaged, or worse, are stolen when stored in outside racks.

One owner reacted strongly to the bicycle shed, stating that it should have been put to a vote of owners. The owner then wanted to store his snow tires in the shed, insisting that he should be entitled to do so as the shed will be part of the common elements. He also claimed that I have a conflict of interest since I own a unit occupied by a tenant who has a bicycle.

What do you advise I do?

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